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Goodbye 2017: An End Of Year Review

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  1. Hi Cori,

    It was a great year for all of us and thanks for posting a recap of your best posts. I hope we will reach new highs in coming year. Cheers.

    ~ Donna

  2. Nice article chosen. Every year brings happiness as well as sad incidents to us. 2017 was a more bit more “a sad year” than a happy one. World wars, no. of refugees, discontent, economics going down and much more. However, nature want best for us. The whole thing has been created by The CREATOR only for man. Yet we should welcome with a hope towards better 2018.

  3. Hi Cori,

    Thanks for posting this recap of your best posts. I am truly sorry for your loss. I wish you good luck with your web design business, you have talent and will succeed!


  4. Hey Cori!

    I think you meant “2017” on your fourth sentence (thought I would point out). Sorry for your loss this year. That’s the cycle of life. We live and learn, and move on.

    On another note, you’ve put out a lot of valuable tips for the new bloggers. Thank you for all that!

    I’m glad to hear you are going even harder at your web design business. I’m also doing the same thing – I love building blogs for other people and helping them as much as possible.

    I wish you a great new year (2018) and much success!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Cheers! 😀

  5. Hello Cori,

    Indeed it seems like 2017 just arrived couple of days earlier and now we are heading to its end. Things are happening so
    quickly in this hybrid world.

    Sorry to hear about your uncle and your mom, things happens in our life to push our self in the back seat neglecting all the
    important things behind and stuck to that sadness.
    But look at you, you got back on track, spreading he insights among us and helping your readers in spite of these
    thunder rides.

    Thanks for the share.


  6. You had a full year Cori. A roller coaster year too with some incredibly tough losses. But you are here, blogging and inspiring too, which is super inspirational in and of itself.
    I genuinely try to live in the moment. I make so few plans business wise other than helping people and writing and doing my videos, and being open to opportunities around me.
    I do have a trip planned with Kelli early next year but will announce it after we tell our families, after the Holidays.
    Happy 2018 my friend!

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