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  1. Hello Cori Ramos,

    Well said 🙂 this is what every blogger want to know and you have explained it very well. Nice to know these all these things from you. To be a successful blogger, must follow the list of the beginning knowledge, about which no one teaches. Each and every tips is well

    Buying followers not good if you want to present yourself good blogger, so focus on making genuine followers. stealing content is also very bad. Good to start with positive thoughts reading this article. Keeping these all things in mind before starting a blog, You will be taken to the way of success.

    I do agree with your all points and views on this topic. Thanks for sharing informative post.
    Have a nice day.
    – Ravi.
    Ravi Roshan Jaiswal recently posted…13 Content Marketing Strategies Suitable For Even the Smallest BudgetMy Profile

    • Hi Ravi,

      I remember when I first started blogging. I would come across tweets about buying followers. I just couldn’t wrap myself around that idea.
      I’ll admit I wanted to catch up to my counterparts but I wasn’t desparate enough to go that route. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by to check out my post and for your kind words! Have a great week!

      Cori Ramos recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom BloggersMy Profile

  2. This is a great list!! We all get too wrapped up in followers and being “bigger” but really that defeats the purpose of what blogging is all about. It’s supposed to be organically grown and because people LIKE you (not because you’ve bought them). Great post!

  3. Such a great list! I totally agree not to buy followers, they wind up going away anyway. And don’t be a hater, so true. Bloggers are close knit and really like helping each other.

  4. Fantastic tips! It can be tempting to overlook the followers and engagement you are currently getting and instead focus on the follower numbers you want. Bad idea. Relationships take time, even social media ones. 🙂

    • You are so right about that Erica. If we feel like we’re racing to the finish line – we’re bound to get desparate and buy followers all because we’re competing with someone who doesn’t even know we’re competing with them. You know?

      But that can hurt double. Not only are your followers fake but we can ruin our reputation – and who would want to work with someone who uses bad practices.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Have a great week hun. 🙂

      Cori Ramos recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom BloggersMy Profile

  5. Hi Cori, These are great point not only for new bloggers but good reminders for those who have been blogging for years. It is tough to be a blogger and takes a lot of time. But if you are persistent providing good content and growing your following organically, good things will happen.

    • Hi Quinn,
      You are right – being a blogger can be tough and being a successful blogger can be tougher – but it can be done. 🙂

      I agree with you – we have to be consistent with our content and engage to grow an organic audience…that is the key to success!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Quinn. Have a great new week!

      Cori Ramos recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom BloggersMy Profile

  6. Hi Cory,

    These are all excellent reminders of what new bloggers shouldn’t do. You’re so right, you can’t start a blog just in hopes of making money. Like you said it can take years before you actually start making a profit from it.

    Instead, you should focus on writing amazing content to help others. The more helpful and amazing your content, people will find you. They will share your blog posts and eventually, your tribe will start finding you.

    I make it a point to never focus on the money. Sure we all want to make money with our blogs, the truth is that you can’t rush it.

    That’s actually why I don’t spend a lot of time reading other people’s income goals. It can get discouraging to constantly read how much people are making. Besides what they are earning from their blog doesn’t affect your income goals.

    I choose to put my head down and focus on providing great content on my blog. Then taking the steps necessary to promote and network with other bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, have a great day 🙂


    • Hi Susan,

      I don’t spend a lot of time reading income reports either. And you’re right about that – their income does nothing for our own goals.

      But on occasion I like to read them. I just scroll down to the part where they share what they did to get there. I’m not hatin’ on them but I don’t want to lose focus on my own race – like you said.

      Thanks for coming by to read this post and for sharing your thoughts. Have a great new week!

      Cori Ramos recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom BloggersMy Profile

  7. Love ’em all Cori. Thank goodness I made only a few of these mistakes as a newbie 😉 Really though, not doing it mainly for the money will help you get your blogging journey going on the right foot. Where doing it mainly for the money will set up so many problems and roadblocks that you will struggle horribly at best, and at worst, quit. We all deserve to make a living from this blogging bit. But give most of your energies to helping folks, to making friends and to promoting other people, and as you add income streams, the money will flow in through your trusted friends. Through their promoting of you, through their buying of your products, through their hiring of you.

    Fabulous post 🙂


    • Hi Ryan,

      I think when we focus on helping others – we won’t have to focus on the money and before we know it we’re monetizing our blogs without having to work hard to cheat to do it.

      And you’re right – the first time we face problem or not making the money we thought we would, it will be so easy to throw in the towel because we weren’t in it to help others. We just have to do it for the right reasons and everything else will follow – even the money. 🙂

      I love your comment Ryan – you said it bud!

      Cori Ramos recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom BloggersMy Profile

  8. 3-4 years to start seeing money from your blog could definitely lead someone to be desperate to see success quick! It’s so important for people to be realistic when they start a blog!

  9. Hi Cori, excellent points here. I can’t believe still spam in this day and age. It’s so easy to see it now. Paying for followers doesn’t pay off either. Less is better than fake followers.
    I think we all have to go about it at our own pace. Not everyone will make money at blogging and some will make a little, some more and some a lot.
    If one is not happy where they are at they should re-boot their blog. Don’t give up and test new things and re-test. It’s a work in progress I believe Cori!

    • Thanks Lisa. I can’t believe there are still spammers out there either…but those boogers are reluctant and won’t let up. They are always trying to stay a step ahead of us.

      I like what you said about rebooting a blog. If there is no success, it doesn’t mean we have to give up. Sometimes changing a niche is all it takes. Sometimes we discover a true love of a niche while blogging about another.

      Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. I hope you’re doing okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now.

      Cori Ramos recently posted…Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom BloggersMy Profile

  10. Thanks for sharing these points! You totally hit the nail on the head for me, sometimes it’s hard not to be jelly of other blogger’s success. I always try and be happy for them and remind myself that we are totally different and to just live in the moment and be grateful!

  11. I love how you mentioned not spamming and not buying followers. I also get annoyed at the follow,unfollow craze right now. I’d much rather have slow but genuine growth than know my followers were not real.

  12. Totally agree, especially with gaining a following. It’s always best to grow this organically and that takes time. And doing it just for the money?? That’s a whole world of heartache and frustration waiting to happen!! The first month I monetized my blog I made $0.99 but I was over the moon happy lol.

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