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  1. Hi Sarah,

    You are right on point in this post. Building a niche blog, to me is the best thing to ever happen to me since I started blogging. Sometimes I just sit and regret why I didn’t learn this early enough since I learnt about about blogging in 2012. I followed what was popular then but at a time, I knew I was wasting my time being a generalist. Boom! Last year, I built my niche blog and I have been enjoying it.

    Yes, choice of domain name can to a great extent delay your blog growth if done wrongly. A typical example is choosing a domain name with a keyword(s) that is completely offtrack your blog niche.

    Before choosing my domain name, I reasoned it and came up with 3 words that are focused on the keywords I’m targeting. Though I won’t say it’s the best but it’s important that we look at the keyword before concluding your final choice.

    Thanks for sharing. @Cori, you are doing a great work here.



  2. social media websites likes Facebook and twitter are really great for promoting blog post…and yes keyword research is really important for any niche blog and always target the long tail keywords….very helpful tips for new blogger like me…thanks for sharing Susan!!!

  3. Hi Sarah, I haven’t heard of #4 so I’ll be looking into that. Thanks for these wonderful tips. Even though I’m a seasoned blogger there is always more to learn regarding marketing content. Thanks, Cori and Sarah.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much for coming by to read Sarah’s post. I’m so glad you took something away from it. I tell yah, there is always something new to learn about blogging no matter how long we’ve been doing it. 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great week so far! Here’s to a rockin’ August. 🙂


    • Related questions is a great one. Here is one more you should check out – you can use it to come up with months worth of topics in just a couple minutes:

      Just enter the keywords related to your niche and it will show you questions people are asking, really handy tool.

  4. Super smart tips Sarah. I am a fan of grabbing memorable domain names whenever I build a blog. Right now focused on 1; good old Blogging From Paradise. I got a good one 🙂 Really though, I conceptualized how I could sum up the life I lived and how I could help folks easily see the blog, to visualize it, and also, how I could benefit people. All about creating something easy to picture so your blog and brand becomes memorable.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for coming by to read Sarah’s post and for adding more value to it with your tips here. 🙂

      You sure did pick out a great domain name – there is no other name like it that’s for sure. I get the same with my domain name – moms always tell me that’s what they tell their own kids. 🙂

      Really appreciate you coming by! Here’s to a kick a** August!


  5. Hi Cori and Sarah,

    Great read and definitely some great tips to take away to help us improve our blog.

    When I started my blog, I created the persona that I thought would benefit from my blog.

    After having my blog for awhile now, the people that visit my blog are totally different than the persona that I created on day one.

    By paying attention to my Google Analytics, I am able to pay attention to the content people like and create more of it.

    I totally agree it’s important to know who you’re talking to. It’s the only way that you’ll be able to provide content that will help them.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Thanks for checking out my post Susan. You nailed it your audience may evolve over time and if you pay attention, you can pick up on the shifts or refinements that resonate well with your readers.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Nice to meet you on Cori’s place. Your tips are very useful. I especially like number 3. A customer persona archetype that represents your audience. I’ve done this a few years back and it has had a huge effect on my blog. I made a long list of traits, I even made an avatar of the person that comes to me to read my blog and to also purchase my products. Wow it made such a difference in my mindset when doing just about everything. I still have her on my desktop after a few years.


    • @Donna,

      Thank you and nice to meet you as well! You are absolutely right about #3, taking the time to really understand your audience can seem counterproductive in the beginning but as your site grows, it becomes the most valuable information you have.

  7. Hi Cori and Sarah,

    I love the name of your blog. This is some great information on niche sites. I’ve never had much luck with them myself. I’m not very good at keyword research and I believe I jinx myself from the start.

    After reading this, I may try again with your great suggestions, Sarah.

    Thank you for sharing this great information.
    Monna L Ellithorpe recently posted…Take Good Care of YourselfMy Profile

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