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  1. Hi Cori,
    Wonderful post. Increasing the social media followers is is what people are behind these days. However, we are doing that, but we must do that. So, A great thanks for sharing this fantastic post.

  2. Hi Cori,

    I love your stand against buying followers. I also talk against it. The most annoying part of it all is that those likes or followers represented will never engage with your brand. Honestly, it doesn’t tell good of any brand.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great tips, Cori!

    I am using Buffer and Crowdfire for my social media posting – the free versions; I’m still bootstrapping. Crowdfire is more Twitter-based but supports Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram – as well as connecting to blogs and Shopify shops. It’s quite automated and it offers a “daily prescription” – a set of actions including following and unfollowing on Twitter as well as suggestions for posts and images to share and like.

    Buffer, on the other hand, supports all the major platforms and allows scheduling of posts. The free version allows only up to 10 posts max scheduled and does not support Pinterest.
    I liked the tip of cross promoting. i will give it a try 🙂

    Thanks again for a great post!

  4. Hi Cori,

    I love Tailwind and have been using it for a few months now with my blogs. I’ve actually seen you in a couple of Tailwind Tribes I am a member of.

    I can’t imagine trying to use Pinterest without Tailwind.

    As you know, social media is completely new to me. I am constantly learning how to use it effectively.

    I still have a lot to learn, but you can bet that I’ll be using some of these tips you provide to help me gain some more social media followers.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  5. Excellent advice Cori. Staying on topic was a biggie for me. I ran into a Twitter follower stall a long while back. Stuck in the 40 K region because I changed topics too frequently. Switched to and fro, confusing followers. But when I tweeted stuff predominantly aligned with my BFP brand that follower count jumped pronto.

  6. Hey Cori,

    The social proof represents your brand. I have always focused on Twitter and LinkedIn and within a few days, there will be more than 20K followers on each.

    Using the social media buttons and icons is always effective. Let people know where you are.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Hi Cori, I love this post. You really get “real” with it and what it is all about. You never come across too salesy in your emails, shares or post. I love that!
    Sometimes many bloggers (when they get influence) get too salesy in their emails and posts. I don’t like it and I hope I never become like that. (I’m sure you or Bren would let me know! LOL).
    Congratulations on your Pinterest following, that is awesome. I will have to try Tailwind again. I haven’t used it in a while but do share via the Buffer with it from time to time.
    For some reason my Pinterest pin with social warfare does not work with my new theme 🙁 There is always something Cori.
    I think being “real” and being “able to relate” are the two keys to gain more social media followers.
    Thanks for your awesome tips here Cori. See you back on the Twitterverse and more!
    Thank you for the mention of my Twitter jail (suspension) post too.

    • Aw, thanks for that Lisa. LOL – I try my best not to and like you said I’m sure you and Bren would tell me too – but I know it would be coming from a place of love. If we can’t count on one another who can we, right? 🙂

      I agree with the influencer thing and I think the brands want more realism than sales pitches too.

      Thanks Lisa. Tailwind has been great for Pinterest. And I’m embarrassed to say but I hardly engage there – but it’s something I need to step up.

      If it isn’t one thing it’s another right? I’ve been having issues with Hootsuite too. Their latest feature PromoRepublic is awesome but when you use it, it slows down Hootsuite big time.

      Being real and relatable is a must nowadays…it’s no longer only about our content that’s for sure. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by to read my post and for your comment!

      See you in the Twitterverse!


  8. Hey Cori! Fabulous tips!

    Oh yeah, we could “buy” followers but why? Are we that desperate? I like followers that have similar interests. However, lately I’ve been getting an influx of single dudes trying to pick me up…on all platforms! It’s crazy!

    Being sociable and approachable will certainly gain you a following. If people think you’re a stuff bug, they aren’t going to waste their time with you. Engage, chat, bs, whatever it may be and they will come!

    Great post! Happy Monday, chica!


    • Thanks Bren!

      I never understood the concept of buying followers. I guess if you want to become an influencer of ambassador to a brand you go that route to jump start your follows…but I still don’t get it. 🙂

      Being sociable and approachable are two great ways to get a following – and that’s how you do it, free of charge ;).

      You’re right about that – no one wants to socialize with a stuffy person who’s all about business. I know I don’t. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and for your comment gf! Hope you’re having a great Monday!


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