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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Online Business

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  1. Hi Cori,

    Yes… Social media is a great platform indeed. I love it and it’s working perfectly for me. I get a lot of my clients from Facebook too.

    What I suggest people should be doing on social media is to give their audience value and more value and they can’t stop talking about you.

    Yes, kicking up conversation is also a nice thing to do.

    Keep it up.


    • Hi there Emenike,

      I’m glad Facebook has been a great source to get clients for you. LinkedIn has been more favorable for me. I think I just need to step up my marketing game. 🙂

      I think that’s great suggestion! We have to be THE ONE source for our audience. 🙂

      Engagement always rules!

      Thanks for coming by!


  2. Hi Cori,

    Great tips! Donna really has it down cold with that simple question. Ask folks how they are doing. Their plans. Ask what they are struggling with. Ask a bunch of questions – over the long haul – and things will come together easily over time. Engaging folks builds friendships and all that online business success will grow as your friend network grows.

    Be social to get social media down pat. I ask questions regularly these days and everything popped when I followed this simple habit.

    Thanks much 🙂


  3. Hey Cori,

    Great suggestions here!

    One thing I like to add to your section on being the “go-to for resources” is the website Quora. I just read that it’s now considered a social site.

    I been using it more often within the past couple of weeks and it’s been really great. I answer questions as well as find answers to some of my irksome questions. So it’s a win/win for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for reminding me about Quora. I had read about that too. I was just on it and I see a lot of bloggers in our community are active on there…I need to go hang out with y’all. 🙂

      That’s a great addition to this post! Thanks for suggesting that. 🙂 I’ll see you on Quora!


  4. Lots to think about here Cori. I should have commented on Donna’s Facebook post when I saw it. I was at work and I didn’t realize the value. Thanks for opening my perspective. Stumbled!

    • Hi Janice,

      I get caught up with stuff going on at home and miss some conversations too. I was offline when Ryan was asking bloggers if we wanted him to guest post – I totally missed that great chance for him to share his wisdom here with us. 🙂

      The good thing about it is, knowing our fellow peeps – there is bound to be more conversations to participate in :)!

      I’m glad this was thought-provoking for you! Thanks for coming by! I hope you’re having a great weekend. 🙂


  5. First – I love your blog’s name! 🙂 Second – asking questions on social media as you suggest is a GREAT way to drive engagement!

    • Hi Jeni!

      Thank you – it was easy to come up with the name because that was my response to my kid when they were little. 🙂

      You definitely have to give asking questions a try. I need to step up my game in that department myself. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by to check out this post! Have a great week.


  6. Hi Cori – I love your tip not to be “stuffy” on social media. So true! Be yourself and let your personality shine through.
    I learned after 2 years you can’t be everywhere. I try to stick to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
    You must protect yourself from burn-out. It can happen if you are consistently checking your updates.
    Having the right tools like Buffer or Hootsuite really help too. There is no way I could do what I’ve done without the right tools!
    I’ll be sharing away for you on this Cori, great tips!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I had that “stuffy” presence when I first started blogging. I thought I had to be uptight and professional but it was the totally wrong approach. I’m glad you and Bren saw through that, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. 🙂

      I also tried to be on every social media platform but that only tired me out, hehe.

      I totally agree with you about the tools – thank goodness for them!

      Hope you’re having a great weekend with your dad and family Lisa!


  7. I’ll let you know come this fall, when I become a Scentsy consultant. I’ve already been thinking on it, because that’s how I roll. I will definitely source Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and probably Google+, too. Oh! And my website, of course. I’ve got quite a few ideas brewing. 🙂

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