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  1. Hi Cori,

    I love changing themes a lot too. I actually started my blog with the Centric Pro theme and now I am using the Daily Dish Pro theme. I love using the Genesis Framework and picked up the Pro Package back several years ago.

    I have access to all their child themes, which can be dangerous. I actually have WordPress setup locally on my computer and love playing around with styling themes.

    Like you, I used to be intimidated by code as well. Now I feel a lot more comfortable with it. It also helps that I have WordPress set up locally on my computer. So I can play around with things without tweaking my live site.

    Then if I like the way things look, I’ll just copy over the code to my live site. Works perfectly for me.

    I’ve personally never used the Genesis Design Palete Pro. Although, if I didn’t have WordPress setup locally, you could definitely be that I would use it. I’ll have to check out some of these other themes you mention.

    Thanks for sharing, I am sure that this will help people choose a theme they will be proud to use.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Hi Susan,

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a theme addiction, hehe.

      I have been holding back from purchasing that package. I probably should have since I have about 10 themes. Now that I think about it, since I’m pushing my web design business more, it might be a good investment. 🙂

      I love the Genesis Framework – it’s so easy to edit and I love the child themes. I’m a fan for life, lol. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by to read this post and for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Hi Cori,

    Your choice is very shocking, all looks fabulous and perfect WordPress blog. I have visited and checked their look and design and are they responsive too.
    The best theme I like most from the above is Market Pro, looks great and comes with quality landing page. Best for women fashion bloggers or or health blogging. I think pro featured themes are best for site speed and works amazing, so we must focus on paid theme not free.

    Awesome theme list. Thanks for shring.
    Ravi Roshan Jaiswal recently posted…13 Content Marketing Strategies Suitable For Even the Smallest BudgetMy Profile

    • Hi Ravi,

      I like Market Pro too. The wellness pro theme isn’t too feminine but with a couple of edits and softer images, it could work. 🙂

      I agree we should invest in paid themes and not free ones. If we want to stand out from other bloggers in our niche, we have to have a different look.

      Thanks for coming by and for leaving a comment!


    • They have awesome themes, right? They’re easy to edit and their latest designs look great. They’re really stepping it up with the feminine themes.

      Thanks for coming by to check out this post B! Happy Monday gf. 🙂


    • Hey there Jordan,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Glam Pro. What theme are you using now?

      You are right about that. About 4 years ago I purchased a theme and it was the worst experience ever. Nothing worked and there was no kind of support. So I spent $100 on a theme to have it sitting here in my files.

      Thanks for coming by!


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